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About Me

I am a self taught artist intrigued by architectural lines and design. I started at a very early age by drawing and selling family crests at local festivals. I've created logos for companies, organizations, and locations. My involvement in community layout lead to my creation of pictorial maps for different cities.

My ideas come from several different avenues. I like to make presents for loved ones that I know they will treasure. Usually after I have done this, others see what I have created and they want to purchase something similar. Thus the idea is born and grows from there.

Another way my designs come about is through my dreams. I buy unusual architectural trim work and study its shape, form, and lines. After studying the piece for some time, I will dream of a creation utilizing the piece. It seems I do a lot of my work in my dreams!

I also come up with ideas for my art by studying decor trends. I like to envision how I can incorporate my work into new trends and also keep things going for traditional decor.

I live in Jasper, GA and travel all over the USA to antique and art shows. Check my show schedule or contact me to see when I will be near you or at your favorite show.

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